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Courses Taught


English 299

  • U.S. History in Native American Literature
  • The Native Writes Back: Indigenous Literature and U.S. History

ENGL 359

Coming to Voice: Literature by Women of Color in the U.S.

ENGL 260

Literary Approaches to Poverty (xlisted with Shep Pov)

ENGL 262

  • Native American Women’s Literature
  • Class, Race & Ethnicity in American Literature
  • Women’s Testimonio Writing in North America

ENGL 293

Home/Borderlands/Identity: Contemporary Chican@ Literature

English 361

Native American Literatures

English 380

  • Women of Color and Feminism in Literature
  • Native American Women's Literature
  • American Ethnic Literature
  • Chicano/a Literature

ENGL 359 

Made in the U.S.A.: American Ethnic Literatures

Creative Writing Courses

English 204

Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry Workshop

ENGL 305 

Advanced Creative Writing Workshop: Writing Outside The Lines - Hybrid, Boundary-Crossing, Genre-Bending, Mixed, Multi- & Outlaw Creations

English 307

Advanced Poetry Workshop

English 308

Spring Term Workshop -- Fresh, Local, Wild: the Poetics of Food

ENGL 309 

Advanced Creative Writing Workshop: Memoir

Capstone Topics

English 413

  • Disobedient Texts: Hybrids, Impurities and Genre-benders in Life Narratives
  • The Art of the Word-A Whole-body Experience
  • The Mosaic of Memoir
  • Off the Canonical Map in American Literature
  • Class, Gender and Sexuality in American Literature